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5 Reasons Laser Cleaning is the Superior Option for Sculptures

Statues are beautiful pieces of art, often symbolizing our highest ideals and values. Erected as a public keepsake, commemorating a person or event. It serves as a dependable reminder of memories that should be preserved in our cultural heritage.

Overtime these moments get dirty from elemental contaminants. Depending upon their location, they can become stained from air pollution, tree sap, or hard water. Cleaning these pieces are important to preservation.

Did you know? (Fun Fact) The oldest statue in the world is the Lowenmensch figurine from Swabian Alps in Germany, standing just over one foot tall. It is dated at an estimate of 30,000 to 40,000 years old

Long-established process of cleaning these begin with harsh chemicals and end with polluted water and debris. Laser cleaning offers a new, more efficient way.

Here are 5 reasons that makes laser cleaning the superior option:

  1. Laser cleaning is a green process. No environmental damage.

  2. Non-damaging to delicate surfaces.

  3. Gentle, no contact cleaning- ideal for historical preservation projects.

  4. No liquids or chemicals to clean up after the cleaning process.

  5. Laser cleaning can be done with unparalleled precision.

Our laser technology can differentiate between the memorial surface and unwanted layers. The laser removes unwanted layers without any damage.

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