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Laser Cleaning For Stone Buildings

Laser Cleaning Company for Stone Buildings| Laser Restoration Melbourne Australia

Stone buildings are vulnerable to contaminants from the air and other environmental pollutants. It is important to remove contaminants to prevent large scale damage. When considering a conservation project, preventing further damage from cleaning of stone is paramount. Laser cleaning for stone buildings is effective and delicate.

The laser method of removing environmental contaminants causes minimal to no damage.

World Class Laser Cleaning Technology

Laser technology uses state-of-the-art science that uses various wavelengths of light that are absorbed by surface-level contaminants. These waves of light are optimized based on properties such as type of chemical composition and colour. This highly customized approach to contaminant removal targets only the surface layer contaminants. Examples of removable contaminants include environmental soiling, encrustations, air pollutants, smoke and graffiti.

Our laser technology works by dislodging the top layer of contamination, without affecting the surface. The laser pulse is absorbed by the unwanted material layers and is evaporated instantaneously.

If you have a preservation or conservation project that requires careful cleaning, Laser Restoration Australia is ready to serve as your laser cleaning company.

Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of our world-class laser cleaning technology. Our trained team will be available to answer any of your questions and concerns.

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