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State of the Art Laser Cleaning
Laser Clean Heritage Masonry
Safely Laser Clean Terrcotta
Laser Clean Smoke from Masonry

Cleaning with laser is a gentle and effective method for removing contaminants from stone & masonry building facades & architectural features as well as sculptures, bronze statues, terracotta & metal objects.

Laser cleaning is also effective for cleaning a range of surface coatings and corrosion from metal substrates including aluminium alloys. 

Traditional methods of cleaning which involve the use of chemicals, abrasives, water, dust or residues can permanently damage historic surfaces. Using laser harmful and unsightly contaminates are removed.


Laser cleaning is environmentally friendly; there is no media clean up or waste disposal, no run-off and no dust.

Laser Cleaning is ideal for

  • Heritage Masonry - Buildings & Structures

  • Statues & Memorials - Stone, Bronze

  • Heritage Artifacts

  • Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

  • Rust & oxide removal

  • Recreating patina on masonry & metals

  • Lead Paint Removal

  • Removal of Environmental Pollution

  • Removal of Bio-film

  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Coating Removal

Benefits of using Laser Cleaning

No chemicals & detergents

No damage to substrates

No to minimal cleanup

Minimum heat transfer

No dust



Precision laser removal of coatings allowing inspection

Environmentally friendly - no waste, no run off to water ways

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