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Laser Cleaning For Masonry

Laser Cleaning for Heritage Masonry

Masonry for construction ensures longevity and durability to time to come. 

Despite structural durability, outer contaminants will build up over time and if not removed can cause damage. Traditional masonry cleaning methods involved harsh abrasive chemicals which can permanently change and damage the surface.  Contaminated water and residue are left behind, increasing the risk of pollution to water catchments.  

Traditional methods of cleaning are often messy and inefficient.  Laser cleaning offers another choice.

Laser cleaning is ideal for heritage masonry buildings and structure cleaning. It is safe for the environment.  There is no residual waste left behind.

Laser restoration Australia specialises in laser cleaning for heritage masonry buildings and structures.

Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of our world-class laser cleaning technology.

Our professionally trained team to handle all of your laser service needs.

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