Laser Restoration, Cleaning & Conservation

Laser Restoration Australia offers the latest technological advancement in the non damaging cleaning of contaminants from  a range of building and engineering substrates and other items. 


Heritage Building Restoration 

Whether it be from fire, water damage, graffiti or the effects of the environment, we provide professional solutions to restoring and conserving buildings, architectural elements and monuments.


Our team are trained in providing safe, state of the art solutions to restoratively clean and preserve both modern and heritage structures. We would love the opportunity to work with you and show why our state of the art laser cleaning technology sets us apart from traditional methods of cleaning which are often abrasive and damaging. 


Laser cleaning is completely non contact and non-destructive to the item being cleaned. 


Let our team work with you and show why our exceptional results & service  will make us the right choice on your preservation project.


Laser systems such as the those used by Laser Restoration Australia are designed and built by engineers and conservators specifically for art and architecture conservation and offer unmatched precision, control, and efficiency in non-destructive restoration of  historic surfaces. This technology has been used to clean a 3,500 year old Egyptian obelisk, an exact replica of Michelangelo's David made from Carrara marble, and many public monuments and architectural structures throughout the world.  This laser technology has been used to laser clean architectural elements of the marble facade of the Supreme Court of the United States.  


Our technology is specifically designed by conservators and engineers to safely clean historic surfaces.  We guarantee our systems will perform reliably and consistently on your project.

See our services page to see other laser cleaning applications including manufacturing & industrial.

Industrial Mobile Laser Cleaning

Our patented laser technology is ideal for removing coatings and contaminants with damaging the substrate.  Our laser is completely mobile and we can clean at your site or ours.

Contact us to find out more about what sets laser cleaning apart from traditional methods.

See our services page to see other laser cleaning applications including manufacturing & industrial.

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